Summer in the Hood (pt2)

My BFF is stupid as the day is long. She can turn the most serious, frustrating moment into a hysterical laugh fest and that’s why I love her. Plus, she knows where I’ve hidden all the bodies so I gotta keep this 40 year friendship going.

I know that as expats we are suppose to miss our family to pieces. I make sure I call my mother every three days to hear that she is so bored without me there (woman, get off your ass and do something!).

I do the obligatory Skype call with my six-year-old niece because she doesn’t understand there is a lady out there that looks exactly like her Daddy.

I get it, family is important. But damn it, when I finally get the chance to go back home I just wanna see my BFF. Does this make me a black-hearted devil daughter? Don’t answer that. Shut your face!

If you have been reading this blog from the beginning, you’ll have noticed that I talk about my BFF a lot. Some people think maybe we’re a little too close (wink, wink). I couldn’t give a shit though.

You gotta have one friend that totally gets you and is willing to listen to your shit. Sorry husbands/boyfriends, you don’t make the cut. When you’re an expat, you spend half the time having a meltdown over your new life and the other half yelling at your partner because it’s all his fault.

Big cocktail

( Cocktail anyone?)

So when I’ve paid like a million dollars to fly home and visit “family”, what I’m really looking forward to is sucking back a big-ass cocktail and talking shit with my BFF. Sorry Mom and Dad. Love you!

Update: My BFF’s summer holidays are over. Boo. Back to the parentals! I wonder if they wanna wander around downtown Toronto all day and then do drunk shopping?

My Expatations: Best summer vacation with the BFF

Reality: Best summer vacation  with the BFF




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  1. Aslaug at - Reply

    I get it 😂 enjoy all of it babe!

    • Janine at - Reply

      Thanks. So glad you like it!

  2. Mark at - Reply

    That really resonates with me

    • Janine at - Reply

      I hope your best friend is as good as mine.

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