Stupid Is A Stress Reliever

The word stupid gets a bum rap. It’s the outcast that never gets to hang out with the cool kids like dead ☠️. But being “cool” is like beauty — it fades. Stupid is forever. 

Remember when you laughed so hard:

  • tears came out your eyeballs
  • you grabbed your belly cuz it hurt so bad
  • you peed your pants a little (after 40 that’s definitely a thing)

Let me ask you, why did any of those things happen? Were you laughing at something stupid? Don’t even try to say no — you know you lying.  


Damn Straight Kevin Hart. Preach!

“Laughter heals all wounds, and that’s one thing that everybody shares. No matter what you’re going through, it makes you forget about your problems. I think the world should keep laughing.” Kevin Hart (aka mega superstar who’s mastered using laughter to overcome life’s setbacks)

No matter where you live at the moment, no matter how tough or weird life gets, having a good belly laugh at something stupid helps your brain switch off and lets you escape. 

Kids know this. Or should I say kids DO THIS. They have the ability to laugh up to 400 times a day. Not 40 — 400. What’s our number? 15. That’s UNACCEPTABLE.



That’s the whole reason why My Expatations exists — to make you laugh when expat life feels like a lot of GOTTA.

Gotta do list


Every expat has some version of a gotta list. Mine seemed never ending. But, after 14 years of expat life my list is finally getting shorter.  

Nope, didn’t win the lottery. Yep, my Spanish still kinda sucks.

Don’t care.

So, what happened?


I don’t go a day without laughing with someone, writing something that makes others snort or watching my current top five things to tune out the world. Works like a charm.

  1. I get me some stupid
  2. the throbbing headache I think is a tumor disappears
  3. when my mind drifts back to my list — it’s shorter 

Because stupid is forever.



STUPID Comedy Sketch ShowBaroness Von Sketch Show 

  • An irreverent all-female sketch show — and it’s Canadian — so you know it’s funny.

STUPID MovieBridesmaids

  • This movie is not “another Hangover but with women.” It’s the little female-driven film that could — and  did — turn Hollywood’s male dominated comedy genre on its ass. Plus, it’s freaking hilarious. Melissa McCarthy in the sink. Nough said. 

STUPID TV SeriesGavin and Stacey

  • A British comedy about a Welsh girl who falls for an Essex lad. It’s a hysterical look at what happens when two families from different countries collide because of love. And yes, Wales IS NOT part of England. It’s a country. My Welsh husband made me write that. 😂   

 STUPID Stand UpFortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty (Netflix)

  • Just her southern accent and comedic delivery make me watch this special over and over again. Then there’s the jokes about her love of chicken wings, coming out to her folks, YouTubers named “Jessica” and interviewing celebs in a light blue velour tracksuit. It’s comedy gold!   

STUPID Animated MovieKung Fu Panda (1, 2 & 3!)

  • Yes, it’s in the KIDS section of Netflix. But it should be a requirement for anyone that wants to laugh like a kid while learning valuable life lessons. My favorite lesson is from Master Oogway to Master Shifu.

“Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle…the answer becomes clear.” — Master Oogway

THAT is good advice. Especially for expat life.


So, what’s your top stupid things to watch?

I really wanna know. For purely selfish reasons of course. I need more stupid. Drop it in the comments. 


My Expatations: gotta tick off everything on my gotta list and expat life will get better

Reality: get me some stupid and expat life IS better



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  1. I love the Comedy Bang Bang and Superego podcasts for my straight up, silly and stupid fix. I recently watched the TV series Frank of Ireland and laughed a lot.

    I love sketch comedy so will definitely check out Baroness Von Sketch Show!

    • Janine at - Reply

      Thanks so much Jess. You’re recommendations are on my to watch (and listen) list. Going to check them out today. I hope you snort laugh at Baroness Von Sketch show as much as I do.

  2. Keeping with your Canadian theme, I’ll throw out Letterkenny (TV show.) It’s actually smart sometimes, but wholly stupid and inane. We have to watch with the captions on because 1) accents and 2) quick witty dialogue.

    • Janine at - Reply

      Omg, I’ve been living in Spain too long. I’ve never heard of Letterkenny. I will definitely check it out. Thanks Julie.

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