Gimme The Damn Wine Already

Dry January. Didn’t do it. Did you?

I took a quick (non-scientific) poll of people I know, and results came back — 98.5% burnt out on the word can’t.

Brava to anyone that kept dry this January. I. AM. NOT. ONE. OF. THOSE. PEOPLE.

I don’t like the word can’t. You hear (or say) it a lot as an expat woman.   

  • I CAN’T speak the language 
  • I CAN’T get a freakin’ job
  • I CAN’T start my own business, I’m over 40 for f*ck sake.  
  • I CAN’T tell anyone how I’m feeling (gotta be positive 🙄)

Expat life is already full of hard edges. Add in 2020/21 and those edges are razor sharp. WINE. HELPS

Not Adding Another Can’t This Year

Can we just give CAN’T the middle finger and do the things we wanna do? 

WTF not?

I’ve started by getting the hell outta dodge (aka-moved to a house outside the city). WOW, what a difference a panicked move CAN make. 

If you hate where you live — and can change that — move. We might not be able to travel home, or anywhere else for that matter, but we CAN upgrade our lives.  

Singing & Drinking Gives You Life

My life has improved tenfold. Who knew not having neighbors wedged up your butt could lead to a happier expat life. Now, belting out 80’s hits, 50’s swing and 90’s hip hop in ‘house pajamas’ is a top priority. Sometimes I even add in a little Backstreet Boys (not ashamed) in the morning to perk myself up. 

Walking is cool — jogging is evil. There’s this big hill, 5 mins from my house, that I walk up and down whenever I get the chance.

decisions, decisions

Now my knee and sciatica don’t bug me as much cuz I’m not sitting on my ass all day. I do lurve sitting on my ass though — watching tele with wine in one hand and junk food in the other — ain’t quitting that.  

Why Do Vanilla When You Can Do You?

Writing is sweet again. Copywriting doesn’t have to be a biatch when you CAN say things the way YOU want to say them. So, after years of writing for others (❤️ it but need to do my own thang), I’ve chucked that can’t in the trash.

This won’t come as a surprise (since you ARE reading this) — I like sounding like me. Breaking the sacred “rules of writing” are what I live for. 

I love words: slang, swears, puns, copy that makes you stand out in a sea of sameness. What I hate is vanilla. You can’t pay me to write it. And you definitely can’t pay me to teach it. 

Post 2020, I’m teaching my copywriting clients what My Expatations is all about: saying it the way YOU want to say it. 

If 2021 is gonna work out the way I want it to, I’m listening to my big ol’ wine gut and just doing me (mind out of the gutter please 😜). My wish for you is that you get to do the same. To the end of 2021 and beyond. 🚀 

My Expatations: 2021 is still looking sucky. Gonna need a bigger glass.

Reality: 2021 might just not suck. Still want a bigger glass.



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