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It’s me, Janine.

If you asked my nearest and dearest to describe me, they would probably blurt out something like, “An enjoyable punch in the face.”  I don’t disagree. I’m a lot for some people. Either ya get me or ya don’t.

For those people that DO get me, it came as no surprise when I announced that I was moving abroad.  I’m a curious person by nature and get bored as fast as I say feelin’ stabby to express my frustration. To be honest, my life in Canada was great but it looked like everyone else’s. I wanted more. So, I quit my communications job, sold my house and bought a one-way ticket to Spain.

I arrived in Valencia, rocking my rose tinted sunglasses, and after two months I FUCKING HATED IT. It’s not Spain’s fault though; even though sometimes I still want to MURDER it. I lay the blame firmly at my feet. My expectations as an expat were out of whack and I own that.

Don’t get me wrong, life abroad can kick Kardashian size ass but it has its ‘moments’. Sometimes you might even have to cut a bitch – just joking. I would never intentionally hurt someone. I may have the occasional epic meltdown when things don’t go my way. It’s not uncommon for me to hulk out and scream, “Janine mad. Janine smash. Janine take revenge on Spain.”

That’s why I started My Expatations. I just think most expat blogs show life through an Instagram filter. Every day is not an adventure – at least not in a good way. Sometimes you just need to hear the truth (wrapped up in a hilariously fucked up story). Plus, we all love hearing that people have the same problems we do and enjoy laughing at other people’s misfortunes. So, read my blog and rejoice!

Listen, I don’t want to wax on and on about my story. If you really want to know ABOUT me, it’s all in the blog. Don’t be scared if you see a little of yourself in there too. I promise I’ll share all my ups and downs and how I manage the minefield that is expat life.