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the stages of expat life

I’m Janine Christie
(truthaholic and giver of snort laughs)

Expat life
can kick Kardashian size ass but you’re gonna have those, “I can’t f*cking take it anymore” moments – for definite.

You might even have some epic meltdowns when things don’t go your way. My husband watches in horror all the time while I’m losing it. “Janine mad. Janine smash. Janine take revenge on Spain.” So, let’s talk about those meltdowns. Better yet, let’s laugh at them. Laughter goes a long way to helping you keep your sanity when everything else around you seems out of your control and just plain weird.

My origin story as an expat partner will be different to yours, but it’s freaky how many things we have in common. I might be sitting in a restaurant in Spain eating Conejo al ajillio (rabbit with garlic) and you might be chomping down on some alligator in South Africa. Are both meals different? Hell yes. But they both taste like chicken.

That’s why I started My Expatations. Most expat blogs show life through an Instagram filter. If you’re anything like me, every day is not an adventure – at least not in a good way. Following a partner to another country means leaving who you know and what you do (adiós family, friends & writing career). After unpacking, you might find you forgot to pack a purpose for yourself in the box marked miscellaneous.

My Expatations is all about bigging up the truth about being an expat partner — wrapped up in hilariously f*cked up stories.

Repeat after me — expat life is about managing life first and enjoying stuff second. When you realize this, shit gets easier. And when you’re having another I can’t take it anymore moment, read My Expatations.

My motto: snort laugh at something every day!